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The Fit and Food Impact

We provide immediate assistance and resources to help drive our efforts to fight food insecurity and to provide wellness options for all because we believe all communities should have strong minds and healthy bodies.

Here are some ways Fit and Food is creating a long-term impact.

Heart & Hands

Underserved communities are educated on how to live a healthy lifestyle, and that knowledge will be passed down for generations. 

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People will have access to healthy food options to help nourish their bodies properly aiding in helping them get off their medications. 

Impact Stats

See the impact Fit and Food is making in the St. Louis community.

In 2022, we surveyed our community members who reported:

  • Feelings of empowerment in their wellness with an increased sense of community

  • Increased levels of activity/exercise and the knowledge to do so safely

  • Improved energy level, sleep habits, stress levels, and mood

  • Decreased stress about where their next meal will come from

  • Healthier and increased nutritious food consumption with improved knowledge of healthy meal preparation

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