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Fit and Food Programs

At The Fit and Food Connection, we are dedicated to providing programming that will empower our community members along their wellness journeys and create meaningful change.


Take a look at the services we offer through the following programs.

Food Access Program

Our Food Access Program is made up of our Organic Garden and Food Assistance & Delivery service that work together to help fight food insecurity in St. Louis.

Wellness Program

Our Wellness Program is made up of Group Fitness and Nutrition Education in addition to One-on-One personalized coaching to help community members achieve their wellness goals.

See if you qualify to become a Fit and Food member to start participating in our wellness services.

Upcoming Programming for Fit and Food Community Members

No upcoming events at the moment
Vegetable Market

The Fit and Food Corner is the perfect place to inspire you to get started on your wellness journey, and to keep you motivated along the way! 

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Move Your Body

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Nutrition Tips
& Recipe

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Mindset & Positvity

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Sleep & Stress Management

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Monthly Goal Challenge

Additional Resources

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