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Wellness Program

Take a look at the wide variety of wellness programming Fit and Food offers!

Group Fit

Group Fit offers a variety of fitness classes for individuals between the ages of 18 and 70. Click to find our more! 

Group Nutrition

Group Nutrition provides seminars on a variety of topics, including but not limited to cooking demonstrations, mindful eating, grocery shopping education, food preparation, small changes that yield big results, eating fast food the healthy way. Click to find our more! 


One-on-One offers personalized fitness and nutrition consultations to those who would like to make serious lifestyle changes. Click to find our more! 


Classes are held in various settings; some are long term and some are short term. Please check our Program Calendar for details.


See if you qualify to become a Fit and Food member to start participating in our wellness services.

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DONNA ADAMS, Fit and Food Wellness Client

Since meeting Joy over 5 years ago during a community event they were sponsoring at the St. Louis County Library- Lewis & Clark Branch, I have benefited tremendously from The Fit & Food Connection. Since that time, I have participated in various in-person classes; however, when the pandemic happened and being in the “vulnerable” population, I was unsure how I would continue on my wellness journey.  While the entire world was on “lock-down,” The Fit & Food Connection working diligently on creating ways to continue providing support to their community. I was so thankful that The Fit & Food Connection implemented their virtual wellness support groups which allowed me to continue on my health journey in the comfort of my home.  I began my virtual experience in April 2020.  Since that time, I have been able to participate in various classes ranging from exercise/workout classes, meditation/stress relief, grocery shopping tips and cooking demo’s, just to name a few. One thing I enjoy most about the exercise classes is that they are geared to be modified for all fitness levels. Without the implementation of the virtual classes, and being home for the past 9 months with no accountability, I know my health would have been jeopardized without the support of the virtual classes.  I would like to send a big thank you to Joy and Gabi, along with the supportive staff and volunteers that so generously pour out their passion and wealth of wellness knowledge to helping myself and others in creating a healthy lifestyle. 

I have benefited tremendously from The Fit & Food Connection

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