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Donate & Receive Tax Credits!

The Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) empowers Missouri taxpayers to allocate their state tax dollars effectively by contributing to purpose-driven organizations. Fit & Food Connection is authorized to distribute $249,950 in NAP tax credits to our supporters.

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By participating in the NAP and donating to Fit & Food Connection, you not only leverage your tax dollars for a meaningful cause but also enable significant expansions in community wellness initiatives. Your contributions will directly support the enhancement and expansion of our programs, including essential educational and fitness activities that promote health and well-being among the entirety of the St. Louis community. Additionally, your donations help maintain and grow our community garden, a vital project that provides fresh produce and serves as a learning platform for sustainable practices. The tax credits you receive in return reduce your state tax liability, making this a financially advantageous way to contribute to substantial community improvement. This strategic use of your tax dollars amplifies the reach and effectiveness of Fit & Food Connection, turning typical tax payments into active support for community health and resilience.

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