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Corporate Opportunities

Fore more information on the following, please contact our Fundraising and Operations Lead, Rebecca Punselie at

Corporate Volunteer Days

We love having visitors! Corporate volunteer workdays are such a rewarding experience for your employees and is extremely beneficial to the organization. We have had many corporate visitors help us out in our Organic Garden and at our Healthy Food Pantry. 

Corporate Opportunities


Sponsorships help us execute our primary fundraising events. The events are critical for the continuous growth of the organization. We have sponsorship levels start as low as $250, as we love to also collaborate and feature small businesses at the event and through social media and our website. 


Grants are incredibly beneficial for nonprofits because they provide the direct opportunity for organization growth whether it's a one-time funding opportunity for a special development project or reoccurring funding to help the ongoing extension of our programs assisting with program resources to expand our reach out in the community.

In-kind Donations

Fit and Food loves to bring the community together throughout the year for our special fundraising events. These events feature in-person raffles and online auctions. We are always looking for in kind donations to feature in those platforms.

Matching Gifts

Help us raise more awareness and support by offering a matching gift. This type of philanthropy allows companies to financially match donations that their employees make to nonprofit organizations or a company may match a certain designated amount that Fit and Food is able to crowdfund from the community. 

Earned Income

Would you like Fit and Food's Wellness Specialists to come into your office and education your employee on all things wellness to help encourage self-care and stress management tactics. Fit and Food can teach general wellness, fitness, or nutrition class for your company wellness efforts. 


We Need Your Support Today!

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