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Group Nutrition

Our Group Nutrition classes provide our community members with nutrition education resources to help support them in their wellness journeys.


Fit and Food strives to educate individuals on how to live a healthy, balanced life. Our nutrition education classes help provide our clients with the knowledge to start making small changes, such as simple swaps of 'this not that' to help clients begin making better choices and start feeling better right away. 

As clients start implementing these small changes on a regular basis, we have seen clients make huge strides in improving their health and reaching their overall wellness goals.

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“All classes have in one way or another impacted my life and my family is also benefiting from it. I've taken some of the online exercise classes, tried new recipes, worked on my time management, and even practiced self-care and meditation.


Since I've started this journey, I've lost 16.4 lbs, my cholesterol and triglycerides have improved and now I can do a 5K in about 55 minutes compared to 1hr 5 minutes.”

-Client Sara

Client Testimonial

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