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One-on-One offers personalized fitness and nutrition consultations to those who would like to make serious lifestyle changes. The program includes individualized shopping education, food preparation and planning, and personal fitness instruction. 20 individuals were supported through the guidance of volunteer dietitians and fitness instructors in 2018.

Ready to receive personalized fitness and nutrition guidance based on your goals? Contact us for more information on being paired with a nutrition consultant.


Personal Training

Personal training sessions provide the client with an  individualized exercise plan to meet a person’s health goals,  and the necessary guidance to achieve them. Some of the workouts are done with a trainer, and some are done on their own yet provided by the trainer. This service provides workouts that can be performed at home, tailored to the client’s own goals. These one-on-one sessions can be held in the client’s home or in a building where Fit and Food Connection classes are held, or in a public place, whichever is preferred. Personal Training sessions can be scheduled once or on an ongoing basis, dependent on the needs of the client.


Nutrition Guidance

During a Nutrition Consultation, the client will provide information pertaining to their health goals as well as a three day food log. They will receive personalized information on how to reach their health goals, either during a single visit, or in ongoing sessions, depending on the situation. These sessions provide resources for making healthy, sustainable changes that our clients can afford.


Grocery Store Education

Our Grocery Store Education sessions can be done one-on-one or in a small group. During these sessions, client(s) are taken to a local grocery store where they learn tips for buying healthy food on a budget, how to read nutrition labels, and what to avoid. This service provides the foundation for conscious food purchasing decisions and habits.


Food Preparation and Planning

Food Preparation and Planning sessions allow our clients to build healthy habits and see first hand what a healthy week of eating actually looks like. These sessions are done in a kitchen, and the client is taught suggestions for healthy eating that week. We send the client home with portioned controlled healthy meals and snacks for a week. By planning ahead, our clients can more easily write budget-friendly grocery lists, shop for only the foods that they need, and enjoy healthy meals on a busy schedule.

They really helped me through a crucial time in my life.

SHENETHA, Fit and Food Wellness Client

My experience in the One-on-One program has truly been a blessing. Dealing with this pandemic, the new normal, has been very stressful. I had been doing a lot of mindless eating and gaining weight. I just couldn’t get control of my eating and I stopped exercising. I received an email from Fit and Food Connection and knew my prayers had been answered. I emailed Joy for help and she replied back asking me questions. Then, she wrote a personal workout routine for me. She met with me for a one-on-one exercise workout. She had a genuine interest in me and reached out to Peggy to help me with nutrition. My one-on-one sessions with Peggy changed my attitude with food. I am on track eating and journaling daily and Peggy has guided me in making healthy eating choices. I write down what I am eating and why I am eating. Peggy has taught me to be mindful of what I am eating and why. She emails me links to read and better understand nutrition. Joy and Peggy are truly a blessing. With their support, I have lost over 10 pounds in the One-on-One Program. They really helped me through a crucial time in my life. I will forever be grateful for all their support.

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