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Make May Plank Month

It’s time for a plank challenge! Planks are a perfect total body strengthening exercise that can be done in any amount of time and modified to fit any fitness level. Doing more planks will lead to a stronger core and a stronger core is going to make everything you do in life easier, from your balance to your ability to lift things. Make it your goal in May to add 30 seconds to your plank time. So if you’re starting from zero, then the goal is a 30 second plank, and if you can already do 30 seconds, make one minute your goal.

Here are some tips to get started:

● Perfect your form. You can do planks from either your knees or your toes, either way, follow these steps:

○ Keep your toes on the ground (even if you’re doing it from your knees) and focus on pushing them back towards whatever is behind you. This engages your glutes and prevents your butt from sagging or lifting too much

○ Concentrate on pulling your head towards whatever is in front of you. The goal is to make your body as long and straight as possible

○ Actively engaged the glutes by squeezing your butt and your core by tightening your abs like you’re getting ready to be punch

○ Keep your gaze towards the ground, directly between your hands or forearms, spending on the type of plank

○ If you feel your form starting to deteriorate, it’s time to stop your plank. Notice how long you lasted and next time, try to go a little further.

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