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A Partner Workout

Exercise is supposed to be fun, but sometimes in the cold of winter, it can be tough to find the motivation. One easy way to make exercise come a little easier, is to find a partner to work out with.

All you need for this workout is to find somewhere with a distance you can run or walk (like a neighborhood block, a track, or even a distance between two trees) and your body weight.

● Alternate with one partner walking or running your set distance while the other does this circuit.

Then switch. Do as many rounds as you can in whatever time you have or set a number of rounds before you start.

● Circuit:

○ 10 squats

○ 10 push-ups, modify as needed

○ 10 alternating lunges

○ :30 forearm plank

● If you want an extra challenge, have one partner do just one of the exercises the entire time the other partner is walking or running their distance until you have each worked through all of the exercises

By: Cassie Zehenny

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