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The Importance of a Bedtime Routine

We all know how important a good night of sleep is for our health and productivity and we’ve all know the basics of how to sleep better. But not all of these tips and tricks work for everyone. It’s important to experiment with a few nightly rituals to see what helps you sleep better and what doesn’t make too much of a difference. Below are a few ideas of things to try before bed. Pick a few and try them out for a week or so, taking note of how quickly you fall asleep, how well you stay asleep, and how you feel when you wake up and the following day. Note what helps improve your sleep the most and make an effort to prioritize these things each night.

● Read a novel in bed before going to sleep

● Journal in bed to put to paper any ideas you have on your mind before going to sleep

● Choose an activity before bed that is calming and not too active

● Light a candle in the hours before bed

● Drink a cup of herbal tea- hot or iced can be helpful

● Listen to soothing music

● Perform your bedtime routine (taking out contacts, flossing/brushing teeth, washing face) well before you’re ready for bed so the prospect of having to do those things isn’t what keeps you awake when you’re tired

● If you do something in bed before you go to sleep, try using a light that is less harsh/bright than an overhead light

● Make an effort to minimize screens in the hours leading up to bed (this really does make a difference!)

● Set your phone so it automatically goes on Do Not Disturb after a certain time each night

● Set your phone so the screen automatically warms/dims after a certain time each night

● Decide on a bedtime and announce it to your household so others know that after a certain time you are no longer available to chat or help with any last minute projects

By: Cassie Zehenny

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