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Why We Shouldn’t Use Our Phones in Bed

We all know that as a society we are on our phones too much. But do we actually understand the harm that we are causing ourselves when using our phones so close to going to bed?

● Checking our phone signals to our brains that we should be engaged and active, the opposite effect of what we want when trying to go to sleep

● It can cause lighter sleep because it creates a desire to be connected and available in case a text or call comes through, no matter the time

● The blue light from the screen suppresses melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for controlling our sleep-wake cycles

● Experiencing strong emotions from posts, messages, or articles that we see before bed, regardless of if their happy or sad, can prolong falling asleep and therefore delay REM sleep

All of these things can lead to insomnia, fatigue, irritability, and an overall poorer performance. If scrolling your phone is part of your nightly routine, try to find something to replace it such as reading a book, talking with your partner, journaling, or thinking about what went well in your day that day.

By: Cassie Zehenny

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